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Members: Ben Cooper, Alex Kane

The Violent Blue (2010):

This record began as the B-Sides to Sleep Well. We had a lot of extra material from those recording sessions, and figured we'd build them into an EP or two. With that in mind, I gave myself a rule about how to write for the album: I could only write words while sitting on the shore, which I mostly did at night, with a notebook and a flashlight. I've grown up near the ocean, but I find myself appreciating it more and more as I get older. This record quickly evolved into a love letter to the ocean. The title for the record is my stupid little nickname for it.

By the time it we wrapped it up, it'd become a full-fledged album that didn't much resemble the material we started with. And this time around, we released it with an American Label, Fake Four, making it our first stateside release. Below are a couple tracks from the album.

Sleep Well (2008):

Alex and I spent about 13 months on this record, mostly over the course of 2007. Initially, it began with a simple rule: no writing on guitars. Up to that point, I'd written most of my songs with a guitar and I wanted to shake things up. So we started writing with synthesizers. The album progressed that way for a while, but I really didn't have a subject I was excited to write about. I'm not sure where the idea came about, but I'd been documenting my nightmares for a while, and I thought it'd be fun to try to turn those nightmares into an album. Sleep Well was the result.

Here's a video explanation of the whole idea:

And for a couple songs from the record, click on the players below:

S/T (2006):

Released in early 2006 on Morr Music -- but actually recorded from October, 2004 through May of 2005 -- this was our first "official" album. Me and Alex have worked together, off and on, since around 2000. We originally met in the band "Helicopter Project." We never released anything from that project (phew!), but after that group split up we continued working together, recording random songs whenever we had time off from work. It wasn't until '04 that we made the project into something legit (read: we gave it a name).

The self-titled Electric President took us about 8 months to track, and it was recorded in Alex's bedroom and my toolshed. The initial concept behind the record was to see what happens when computers were integrated into the song writing process. Later on, other concepts were added (the songs all being about various "futures", and other silly stuff like that), but that was where it all began.

If you'd like to hear some tracks from the record, click on the little players below.

You Have the Right to Remain Awesome (2004):

This EP was the first set of recordings Alex and I did under this Electric President name. We wrote and recorded the 5 songs over the course of about a month, with the intention of playing them at live shows. As it turns out, we rarely did that (play shows, I mean), so the recordings more or less sat there. And then we got to work on S/T.

But four of the five songs were released as a pair of seven inches on Morr Music: You Have the Right To Remain Awesome, Volumes 1 and 2. I don't know where to find these or how available they are, but I don't know a lot of things.

Click on the players below if you'd like to hear a couple tracks from this.